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Breast Feeding Toxin Free Food For Your Baby

breast feeding Breastfeeding
Why would any mother who can breast feed her babies refuse to do so. Breastfeeding is the best fed for any baby. A baby who is breastfed by a healthy mum will have less gas, diarrhea, and constipation, Stronger immune system, higher IQ, less risk of childhood obesity,  less risk of asthma and respiratory related problems, less risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), fewer incidences of diabetes and cancer, better dental(less dental carriers) and better facial development, fewer allergies however a baby may be allergic to something in the mother's diet, that gets into her breast milk which then affects the baby. If you are an expectant mother using high chemical products, you should discuss breast feeding with your doctor.
Breast-fed is best fed !Breast milk contain more nutrients and Breast-feeding is also the best bonding for mother and child.. When babies are not yet able to make their own antibodies-breast milk provides important anti-bodies which bolster the immune system.

Breast Milk

Breat milk is easier for babies to digest. Breast milk is the healthiest early food for a baby, breast milk, are free of environmental contamination.
Store your pumped breast milk for later use in glass bottles, not in plastic because glass is easy to clean, sterilize, heat in warm water and glass will not leach toxin into milk. Plastic containers or bags may leach chemicals like phthalate into milk, particularly when heated. Do not micro wave baby food or drink.
Warning: If glass appears broken or cracked- do not use it, replace it.
If you are breastfeeding and experiencing nipple cracking, don't be alarmed it is a common problem with breastfeeding mother. It is recommended that you don't use lotion or conventional moisturizer on cracked nipples to avoid poisoning your baby; it's advised that you spread breast milk on the nipple and areola, and let it air dry. This will help prevent cracking, and will help heal your nipples from cracking. You can also use other alternative such  food grade Aloe Vera gel, food grade Vitamin E oil, pure organic Olive oil, food grade coconut oil.
Please don't wait to give your baby the best life - go nontoxic, it's easy and simple.


Article By Klodian of Nontoxic Lifestyle


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